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Browser Extender

Browser Extender is our flagship add-on utility for Allround Automations' PL/SQL Developer. It offers range of functions that substantially extend PL/SQL Developer's functionality. Download

Browser Extender key features:

  • Browser Extender allows you to create and add menu items to PL/SQL Developer standard popup menu.
  • Created menu items are dynamic ones, which means:
    - You can define a menu item's caption using onPopup event
    - The visibility of created menu items depends on restrictions set defined. You can simply define Oracle version or object owner dependency.
  • You can simply define onClick events for created popup menu items.
  • Extension's onClick event supports PL/SQL Developer template syntax, it allows you to add extensions that show dynamically built input dialogs to perform new kind of actions, e.g. now you are able to create Browser Extender extension to change user's password.
  • Edition of the Browser Extender event's code could be done using standard PL/SQL Developer Test window, with support for the Oracle bind variables
  • Browser multi selection support - it allows serial execution of extension's onClick event code for multiple browser objects selected.
  • Efective event's code testing and debugind using PL/SQL Developer Test window and Browser Extender extension's trace.
  • PL/SQL Developer's authorization support
  • Multiple instances support - extensions could be automatically reloaded when are modified by another Browser Extender plug-in instance.
  • PL/SQL Developer's toolbar icon


Plot Window

Plot Window plug-in allows you to change PL/SQL Developer into Oracle performance monitoring tool. It adds a new kind of child window with ability to draw graphs based on data queried directly from Oracle database. Download

Plot Window key features:

  • Ability to show graphically query results
  • Ability to define unlimited number of series
  • Linear or logarithmic Y-axis scale
  • Different plot steps
  • Windows grouping
  • Command window interface and scripting
  • Logging into files
  • Ability to show data off-line (from log)

Planned in next releases:

  • X-axis time scale
  • Alerts (desktop, mail, oracle alert file) using external "alerter" plug-in


Save Bookmarks

Save Bookmarks plug-in allows storing and restoring of bookmarks from windows with an editor. Bookmarks are saved on execution of file save or close, and loaded when a file is opened. Bookmarks are saved to a file with the same name as the opened file but with a '.bookmarks' extension. Download


Change Password

This plug-in allows you to conveniently manage passwords. It offers several options and allows you to view SQL code that will be executed. Download


Google Search

This plug-in allows you to quickly perform a Google search based on text in an editor. The searched phrase will be prefixed with "oracle" word. Download

Google Search features:

  • You can define a prefix which will be added to searched phrase (default is oracle).
  • You can define a style file for "suggest" page.
  • You can define how html browser windows will be opened.

Please look into GoogleSearch.ini file (in plugins folder) for all configuration options.


Window Manager

This is simple replacement for Window List dialog. It was developed in 2002 year - when autorefresh feature of PL/SQL Developer's windows was not available yet. Now plug-in is available for public. Download

Window Manager features:

  • It allows you to manage all internal child windows of PL/SQL Developer (windows provided by plug-ins are not recognized).
  • You can hide, minimize, close the group of windows.
  • You can perform standard actions (execute, kill, print etc.) on selected group of windows
  • You can use timer to refresh any window.
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